Permanent Solutions to Your Important Needs

With our sector experience and dynamic team, we offer the most suitable services to your needs at reasonable prices.

Technical Support

The Helpdesk Department, which operates on a 24/7 basis, communicates any misunderstanding that may occur in the Network to the relevant Response teams.

Project And Legalization Services

Survey services before field installations, Provision of permits defined in the legislation.

Electrical Support

Monitoring the electricity costs of the sites in the network, making payments on time to ensure continuity of network continuity.

Network Performance And Benchmark

Performance evaluation studies and signal improvement solutions for network needs.

Our specialization

We provide you with the highest quality service in many areas such as tower assemblies, power transmission lines (ENH), transformer plants, environmental grounding, environmental lighting, building construction and strengthening works.

Tower - Infrastructure Assembly Operations

Installation of the planned tower and basic assemblies in accordance with the relevant projects and soil reports and delivery to the customer.

Roll-Out Project Management

Project Management under the Administration of our Specialist Manager. Quality audits of Contractor, Warehouse-Logistics, Field Installation and other services and delivery of the Project to the Customer at the right time.

RF / TSR Planning And Optimization

Completion of all field revision work to be requested by Planning Department for Signal Improvement with expert teams.

AG/OG Project Facility And Installation

Power Line Project preparation and installation / after installation services, Subscription Procedures.

BTS / BSC Installation and Commissioning

Ensuring the integration of equipment installations and systems to the network by expert teams.

Network Planning Services

Network Design in compliance with international quality standards. The feasibility and flexibility of the Nominal Plan is determined.

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